Lord Jacula (dreamskinner) wrote,
Lord Jacula

too much, too soon

i moved down here for an education.  For the past 4 or so years i've been waiting for this experience.  I've even been going to community college to set me up for this adventure.

I move too far from campus.
I got mugged.
I had a cancer scare (still could be)
Commute has become painfully long.
Longing for friends nearby has set in.
Home sickness has set in.
Missing homework due dates.
Missing everyone
Too much to do, too little time.
Not being near a grocery store that I can safely walk to.
Out of food..
eating but once  day

These are just some of the reasons why I am leaving, not to mention I need to be out of my place by the 5th of Nnovember.

I love the school.
I love the people I've made as friends.
I love the events.
I love exploring these places.
I love the close-knit relationships that form between people.

BUT...I'm heading back to Seattle on November 5th.
I miss home.  i miss my friends.

Also, I'm going to start my own business...wish me luck.
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