Lord Jacula (dreamskinner) wrote,
Lord Jacula

coolest dreams

I tend to have the coolest dreams, ever.
I like the ones where I can fly around.  That would be bad ass in real life.

Anyways, this latest dream I had was about me being part of a superhero team that was reuniting for the first time in 10 years in San Diego.  The last time we met together, my brother had disappeared, and no  was talking about what happened.  So I went down with my sister and met with a lot of friends, old flames, and some rivals.  Things were going pretty fun, playing some superhero games (it was like quiditch from harry potter).  And then, I saw my brother's gf there, the last person he was known with before his disappearance. So I go over to her tent to talk with her about what happened.

She wouldn't talk, she got up and started to walk away.  I get up and start walking towards her, and begin accusing her of having something to do with it. She gets mad and then starts crying.  She says, she seen what had happen, and that she couldn't do anything about it.  Apparently, one of the other superheroes had a thing against my brother and I, and was jealous of my brother.  The rival was known as Centaur, for obvious reasons, but his power were far unknown.

A little info on my abilities: I am indestructable, and have limited flight. Anyways, the Centaur caught on to my investigation and tried to have me snuffed out.  He kills my friend, The Skull, after forcing him to unlock a hidden safe to reveal weapons that could damage me.  He gives these to other super heroes to try to kill me. They come after me, chasing me around the tents.

The setting is a lot like a carnival with tents and tarps going out everywhere.  And then the entire area is covered in one HUGE tarp to cover us from satellite view.

After a few action sequences, I knocked out all the enemies and only the Centaur is left, and he reveals his powers.  He has the ability to freeze a living image into a zone of banishment, permenantly.  He activated his zone on a tree and threw one of the failed superhero into the zone.  When the zone closed, and image of the superhero was left on the tree.  And thats when I remember seeing my brother's image on the side of a building in LA.  Now I knew the truth and wanted revenge.

My friends and my brother's girlfriend lured the Centaur out in the middle of the tents.  I started to fly grabbing the tents and slingshotting myself higher and higher.  My friends below, begging me not to, that I would end up like my brother. I ignored them.  I grabbed the big tarp on top and slingshotted myself to heights I've never seen. I felt so free, so strong, and so knowingly of what to do.  I aimed myself to the center of the tents and pulled out a knife, waiting to reach my peak and then forcing myself down at such great speeds.

Meanwhile, in the tents below the Centaur opens a zone upon the tents and is about to throw my brother's girlfriend into the zone, when he hears and sees the large tarp rip open at such velocity!  It was too late! I can swirling into him so fast and so hard, he flew right into the zone!  I bounce off and knocked down three or four tents.  I got up in time to see the zone close in upon itself, leaving the Centaur's impression upon the tent as it was falling down.

And so ended the great superhero convention.  My sis, brother's gf, and I went home together.  Happy and knowing that we avenged my brother.


The End.
(I love my dreams)

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