Lord Jacula (dreamskinner) wrote,
Lord Jacula

Rally for Gay Rights in Volunteer Park

With the passing of propositions around the country declaring war on gay rights, we must stand up and defend us.
No group or culture has ever comprised a minority such as the homosexual culture.  We are black, white, jew, christian, atheist, short, tall, male and female.  We are a culmination of everything, and yet we lack equal rights.
We are given "same but different" treatment.  Kinda reminds the people of pre-1968, "Equal, but different" when blacks were not allowed to marry whites, or to vote.

We have been stripped away our right to marry.  We have been stripped the right to adopt children, save them a life in orphanage.
We have been made jesters and jokers for the media and portrayed as  being "fabulous" when in reality, we are losing our rights.  We cannot even donate blood or plasma!
Soon, they might as well take our civil rights away as well.

STAND UP.  It doesn't matter if you think you will get married or not, but the fact that you help give others that choice.  We need to start looking out for the entire community.

In the words of Barack Obama "Yes I Can."  We can stand up, every single last one of us.

Stand up and let our voices be heard!!

Saturday, Nov 8, at 12pm, join us at Volunteer Park.
Invite your friends and family.  Invite your allies.  Invite all those who care!
The time is now.
Every Gay, Any way, NOW
Tags: gay rights
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